Staycations: they’re becoming a staple, a mainstay, a popular alternative to jetsetting to faraway destinations. Some people opt to save the money spent on airfare and instead spend some quality time catching up with favorite sitcoms or checking off books on the “To Read” list while vacationing at home. Others take the cash they’d sink into a trip and put it into an investment piece: something like an outdoor patio or redesigned landscape. Once the work is completed, this sort of home improvement project can be used not only as a relaxing backyard destination during a staycation, but year round and for years to come.

raised patio

Patios create an extended living area while providing a space for families to enjoy quality time together. Whether you simply want to extend the square footage of your home a little with an area that can hold extra furniture or you want a truly luxurious entertaining area complete with an outdoor kitchen and fire pit, there are many routes to take in selecting the correct patio design for your lifestyle. For the ultimate in a relaxing retreat, consider a water feature, which will attract wildlife while creating pleasant sounds as a backdrop for both quiet contemplation and lively conversation.

Rhine Landscaping is one of Maryland’s premiere landscaping companies, and our hardscaping services range the gamut from simple walkways to elaborate terraced multi-level patio systems and everything in between. With materials to match every aesthetic, Rhine Landscaping, a patio installer in Howard County, can help you make your staycation a dream with our experienced professionals who create functional but beautiful designs.

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‘Staycations’ Helping Fuel Landscaping Business