While typically we think of the early spring as time to get our landscaping started, winter can actually be an important time period in your landscaping process. As this article explains, if you take some planning steps in the winter season, your garden and lawn will be much the better for it. If you want to have a great looking lawn and healthy plants it is important to do a few preparations in these dormant months.

Pruning is very crucial for the healthy growth of your plants in the spring. For the most part, pruning should take place after the leaves turn on your plant.  Typically it is best to prune spring blooming shrubs immediately after flowering and to prune summer blooming shrubs in the winter. When pruning, make a good angled cut about ¼ inch from the branch. If your plants are prone to frost damage you could wrap them with burlap to protect them. Also, spreading a layer of mulch around the base of your plants can help insulate them for the cold winter weather.

In the winter you should also pay attention to other elements of your landscape such as patios and walkways. These areas can be affected by the winter weather as much as your plants. Be sure to always clear debris and water from these areas. If you have noticed any water or ice accumulation in winters past you could also take steps to improve your drainage by adding a gravel channel next to a walkway or a gutter.

Although it seems that grass stops growing in the fall, there are ways to help nourish your lawn in the dormant time periods. The early fall or winter is a good time to reseed and fertilize your lawn. This treatment can help keep your grass winterized and strong during the cold months.

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