Did you know heavy snow can have a serious impact on your lawn?

You work hard in the spring and summer to create a beautiful lawn. You fertilize, water, weed, and mow to keep it looking its best. When autumn comes, you rake leaves and apply mulch to keep your lawn healthy. But if you live in a part of the country where it snows, you might wonder how snow impacts your lawn. While the snow looks beautiful when it is spread all across your yard, it can also cause a few problems.

Snow Mold

You don’t usually think of mold outside, but snow mold is a very real condition that can damage your lawn. It is caused by a fungus that grows on the grass when the snow melts or when it snows while the ground temperature is still above freezing. The result can be patches of dense, grayish-white growth. Snow mold can actually kill grass. Eventually in the spring, you will see brown spots, circles, or patches. To reduce the possibility of this happening, make sure to remove grass clippings in the fall before bad weather hits. That way there will be less organic matter under the snow where the fungus originates.


Winter weather means not just snow but also ice. Walking on grass that is frosty or icy can cause breakage and tearing. These fractured blades of grass can result in damaged areas that you can actually see and it will take a good while for those areas to recover. So when you are out and about on an icy or frosty morning, try to stay on your sidewalks and don’t walk on the grass.

No Growth

As you might expect, seeds will not germinate in cold weather. That’s why you need to seed your lawn early in the season. Fall planting can be done if it is done early enough so that the seeds have enough warmth and sunlight.

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