blue flowers

These french hydrangeas are a charming blue accent.

While there are a number of common flower types that you will find blooming in lawns and gardens across the country, blue flowers are often prized for their rarity and unique look. Blue is one of the rarest colors found in nature, after all. If you want to make your lawn or garden stand out from the crowd with brilliant blue flowers, you are in luck. Below you’ll find everything you need to live in shades of blue.

The French Hydrangea

While azaleas used to be amongst the most popular flowers across the country, in the south recently they have been losing ground to the beautiful french hydrangea. Many forms of the flower, such as Nikko Blue, Dear Dolores, Big Daddy, and Endless Summer are sweeping the nation. Their popularity is due to the fact that in acidic soil they bear giant beautiful blooms for weeks during the summer.


These old favorite come in more shades of blue than you can count, with new hybrids withstanding and thriving in the hot and humid summer weather. When you plant these blue flowers you can count on beautiful blooms for months.

The Blue Fan Flower

This less well-known flower comes in a number of shades, including beautiful blue. These flowers grow about a foot tall and spread 24 inches, making them ideal for making big and bold statements. These blue flowers look lovely when cascading from window boxes.

Blue Bells

This long time favorite is a beautiful classic. These bloom a beautiful blue all summer and thrive in moist shaded areas.

The Balloon Flower

These big blue flowers have a dramatic reveal, and can stand from 6 to 24 inches tall. These late bloomers are worth the wait, but are hard to transplant, so it is best to plant them somewhere they can remain undisturbed.

The Large Flowered Clematis

These blue flowers bloom gloriously on vines and come in a wide range of blue shades. These need roots in moist and well-mulched soil and plenty of sun for the top. Blooming clematis vines add charm to any property.

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