Ivy can be a nuisance for trees, but removal isn’t as difficult as you might fear.

Ivy can be a classic addition to your home and add a romantic feel to any landscape that some homeowners intentionally add to give their yard some whimsy. Unfortunately, ivy can do a lot of damage to your trees so you need to be careful. This week we are going to talk about how to remove ivy and protect your trees from damage.

What Makes Ivy Bad for the Tree?

A little bit of ivy growth on your trees may not be a bad thing, it can add another dimension of beauty to your tree, but too much can damage your tree. English ivy is known for its rapid spread that is difficult to control. Ivy can be bad for your tree because the tree and the ivy are competing for water and sunlight to nourish it. Ivy is a rapid grower and can overtake your tree trunk, potentially robbing it of essentials. Ivy can also cause crowding on tree branches, keeping them from growing and thriving and even potentially making them more susceptible to falling during a storm. Over the course of years, the tree may be weakened due to increased insect infestation. It is important to care for your tree with routine maintenance.

How to Get Rid of Ivy

If you believe your ivy has too much ivy growing on it there are some quick and simple tips to remove the ivy:

-Pull out roots to prevent regrowth of the ivy. Start by using a hand pruner to first cut the stems from the root that go as deep as you can to cut the root. The recommendation is to allow the ivy to die on the trunk on its own rather than ripping it off.

-You can use a spray bottle that contains white vendor and spray it on the ivy plants. Watch for the leaves to turn brown and take it as a sign of progress!

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