If you are like most people, you want a pool. It is the American dream. A cozy home, a white picket fence, a tree with a tire swing in the front yard and a pool out back. But if you ask anyone why he or she wants a pool, you will get a wide range of answer from “just because” to “I’m training for the Olympics” and everything in between.

This article from EzineArticle.com explains America’s obsession with that backyard oasis we call the pool.

Here are a few more reasons to get a pool:

Relaxation and recreation: No more going to the community pool, sharing your swimming time with noisy kids and adults with questionable hygienic practices. Your pool is yours and nobody else’s. So next time you want to lay out in the sun, you don’t have to worry about being hit by an off target football or being stepped on by a child running wild. Whatever you decide, the pool will provide its share of good quality downtime.

Fitness and therapy: If you are looking to add a little more exercise in your daily routine, but you do not want to have to travel to the gym after work, a backyard pool could be the perfect answer. Just think how much you will save on monthly gym and pool memberships. I am not saying a pool will necessarily pay for itself, but exercising in the privacy of your own backyard is a little nicer than sharing gym equipment with sweaty strangers.

Entertaining: Anyone can throw a cookout, but how many of your friends can throw a pool party this summer? Spice up that boring barbeque with a little light swimming. Nothing sounds better than being able to take a dip in a cool, refreshing pool on a hot summer day. During the summer months, a pool will draw people to your place, giving you even more reasons to entertain

So what is your reason for wanting a pool? There is no wrong answer.

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