dormant trees

Despite being such an inhospitable season, winter is actually a great time to prune dormant trees.

Even though trees are dormant right now, most homeowners don’t realize winter is actually the perfect time to prune trees. Dormant pruning is right after a plant has stopped growing and right before new growth appears for the spring. Here’s more on why you should prune your dormant trees in the winter.

Dormant Tree Pruning 101

If you prune dormant trees during the winter, it allows you to remove diseased or dead branches. Why is that important? Diseased wood can spread throughout the tree, causing further damage. Diseased and dead wood can also attract insects like terminates. Also, if a tree is slightly damaged by pruning cuts, those cuts can heal faster during the dormant season. And because the cuts heal faster, your tree will be less likely to attract disease-carrying insects. Because most of the leaves should be off your tree in the winter, pruning becomes easier. You’ll be able to see better, and the structure of a tree’s branches will be more obvious. Limbs will also be lighter without leaves, which will make pruning easier to handle.

When Should You Prune Your Trees in the Winter?

The dormant season for trees runs from December to March. But the best months to prune trees are generally between February and March. That’s because winter weather like heavy snow and sleet can sometimes come earlier or later than expected. Most deciduous trees can be pruned in the winter, but there are a few exceptions. You should never prune evergreen trees. They are never fully dormant and should be pruned during the growing season. If the tree blooms in the summer, you can prune in the late winter or early spring. If you have any questions about what dormant trees can be pruned in the winter, you should contact a reputable landscaping service.

Is it Too Late to Prune My Tree?

No! The only time you should really avoid pruning for most trees is during the fall. Fungi spread spores during the fall, which means the fungi can continue to spread spores even after you prune. Healing for trees can also be slower in the fall, which means any cuts or damage that occur while pruning in the fall could take longer to heal.

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