It may not seem like the most pressing concern, but good drainage is a critical element in any successful landscape design.

Proper drainage of water is critical for your property.  Standing water can cause many issues not only for the ground, but also for any structures that the water is against, like a house foundation or the side of a shed.  Stagnant water can destroy the ground beneath and be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  Many folks may not consider water drainage or waterproofing as the most pressing issue, but it is one that can actually lead to some of the most expensive repairs.  Read on for more information and if you need assistance with any drainage issues, contact us today at 410-442-2445.

Effects of Bad Drainage

Puddling of water on your lawn can lead to many issues in your yard:

  • Unsightly yellowing or reduced growth of your lawn.
  • Creating low spots in your yard, driveway, or walking paths.  Water can actually disrupt even, flat ground, so be sure to remedy this as soon as possible.
  • Drowning trees, shrubs, and flowers, these plants can quickly die out from too much water.
  • Among the most costly is flooding in your home.  Basement waterproofing can be one of the best investments you can make to illeviate any unforeseen or future drainage problems.


How Can Rhine Help?

Quite simply, every issue can be so drastically different.  From standing water in your yard to waterproofing the perimeter of your foundation, or installing drains and downspouts, contact us today to learn more about how we can assist in your projects.

Landscape Design from Rhine Landscaping

The Rhine Team has an extensive background in landscaping, so that you can feel assured your lawn will be taken care of correctly, no matter what. Our landscaping experts will help to make your landscaping dreams a reality, and your property the talk of the town.

Landscapes are complicated to design and implement. If you’re ready to call for help, then you can contact Rhine Landscaping by giving us a call at 410-442-2445. We’ve got the knowledge your landscape needs to get it ready for summer.

You can also contact us on our website. We can help you plan, plant, and create the yard of your dreams. You can also check out our blogs to stay on top of landscaping trends and tips.

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