Why does your lawn develop brown spots so often? We’re here to tell you.

As the weather heats up and you work your way through your spring landscaping checklist, one of the most important things that you can do to prevent brown spots on your lawn is planning ahead. What are the most common causes of brown spots on lawns and how can you keep yours looking lush and green all spring and summer long? Read on!

Do You Have Dogs?

Dogs are one of the most common causes of brown spots on lawns, whether or not you yourself actually have a dog. If you have brown spots that are lined in dark green grass, it’s a sign that there is too much acid in that area of the lawn, a sure sign of dog damage. If the dog leaving brown spots on your lawn is your dog, take steps to monitor their time outside or guide them to areas of your yard that are less public (your backyard, a side yard, etc.). If someone else’s pup is the culprit, you’re probably out of luck!

Have You Used Any Fertilizers or Lawn Chemicals?

Many people accidentally burn their lawn without realizing it during their spring fertilizing and lawn care routine. This type of brown spot doesn’t have the rich green ring around it. These are typically caused by fertilizer spills, gasoline that spilled out of your lawn mower, or over-fertilizing in one specific part of your yard. Just like the other type of brown spot, prevention is key to preventing these.

What Type of Grass is Your Lawn?

Some types of grass don’t do particularly well during the summer months. If you aren’t sure what type of grass is in your yard and re-seeded it recently, you might have laid down new grass that isn’t the same as the existing grass. While they will blend in during mild and nice months, like during the spring, the dead heat of summer may cause brown spots on your lawns.

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