prepare your pool for fall

Preparing your pool now will ensure that it stays functioning properly throughout the fall.

Now that Labor Day weekend cookouts are over, the time before dinner is spent doing homework, and the proliferation of pumpkin products has begun, it is time to prepare your pool for fall. As you close down your pool for the fall and winter, keep the following things in mind to make sure that opening your pool next year is as easy as possible.

Pack Away Accessories

Gather all of the pool accessories that you enjoyed throughout the summer and give them a thorough cleaning. By sanitizing all of the pool equipment now, you can prevent any bacteria growth or mold growth over the winter. Once you sanitize and clean all of your pool accessories, let them completely dry before you pack them away for storage.

Check Your Water Quality

Even though you won’t be swimming in the pool on chilly fall days, your pool’s water should be in optimal condition to last the whole season and keep your pool in structurally good shape. Checking your water quality now makes sure that algae won’t run rampant and you won’t have as much work to do on your pool in the spring. As you prepare your pool, make sure that all debris and leaves are removed. Any organic matter left in your pool during the fall will decay and cause problems for you in the spring.

Lower the Water

Lowering the water levels in your pool makes it easier to prepare your pool for fall. Lower water levels allow the cover to fit properly and protect your pool better. Your pool cover should also be in excellent condition before you put it over your pool. Take a thorough look at it when you prepare to close up for the winter and decide whether or not you should invest in a new one before snow piles up.

We Can Get Your Pool Ready for the Winter and Open in the Spring

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