Is your garden prepared for the often-harsh winter weather we get here in Maryland? Do you even know how to prepare your landscape for the cold weather to come? Well, you are in luck, because we at Rhine Landscaping have compiled a list of several pre-winter garden projects recommended for this time of year. They include:

Caring for Evergreen Plants: Some plants – hollies, azaleas, etc. – photosynthesize all year long and thus only require basic landscaping maintenance during the fall.

Winter Lawncare: Since most types of turf are dormant, landscape maintenance gurus do not recommend applying fertilizers. You should:

•      Continue to cut your lawn down to 1.5 inches even throughout the winter months.

•      Keep your lawn free of leaves and debris to avoid mold issues.

Deadheading: Once they have finished blooming, Hydrangeas and other flowering plants should be deadheaded.

Soil Amendment: Fall is the perfect time for this. Bring a soil sample to your local nursery and have it tested. Once you receive the results, you will know what compounds need to be added to improve your soil quality.

Mulching: Think of this as soil insulation. Mulch balances your soil temperature and also reduces the growth of weeds.

Pruning: Wait until your herbaceous perennials turn brown, then gently prune the plant by removing crossed branches. This creates space around the heart of the bush (or shrub).

So what are you waiting for? You are running out of time before the winter weather is here. Of course, if you would rather leave your landscaping duties to the professionals, Rhine Landscaping is here to help! Check out our Landscape Maintenance Plans.

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