Project Description

What a beautiful backyard this has become! These homeowners were looking for an outdoor living space that encompassed both a swimming pool and patio / lounging space. With the property line of their new home and orientation of the landscape, our Rhine Teams designed a backyard that followed the extended width of their home.

One interesting bit of information is that while the homeowners fielded many quotes, all others apparently mentioned that building a pool would not have been possible due to the landscape.  We, however, were able to build up and situate the land such that a superior retaining wall be built on the back that would properly hold the pool, new landscape, and entire foundation.

The nearly 600 square-foot swimming pool has a depth of 6 feet and adorned with 14″ bull-nosed PA Bluestone. The waterline tile is Raku Cobalt colored. An easy-to-use maintenance system has been incorporated to ease proper maintenance throughout the year, using a Pentair control setup.

The nearly 1,800 square-foot paver patio and pool deck has been built with Nicolock Stoneridge and Stoneridge XL Chesapeake Blend pavers.

In addition to the new drainage system, natural stone retaining walls and steps, the Alumi-Guard Cantebury fence safely secures the newly-transformed space. Plantbed preparations, plantings, and site restoration were also provided.

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