Looking for a way to add a little something extra to your landscape? Well, look no further. We have compiled a short list of some of the most popular landscaping trends around. These trends include:

Add a Bridge: A bridge can perfectly compliment your landscape. This can take many forms. From a rustic wooden bridge over a riverbed of dry stones to a series of stepping-stones added to a pond. A bridge, in any form, can really help your landscape come alive.

Walkways: A straight concrete sidewalk can be boring. To really liven up your lawn, consider using flagstone, railroad ties or wood rounds. You can also play with the shape of your walkway. Who says it has to be straight?

Topiary: A professional topiary can make your landscaping design spring to nearly animated life.

Outdoor Lighting: Lighting can add safety and line pathways. But lighting can also highlight certain aesthetic elements of your yard, transforming your landscape at night.

Forced Perspective: Make your yard seem bigger than it truly is. Place large trees or boulders at the front of your landscaped area and smaller elements near the back.

Tackle one landscaping project at a time until you have the yard you have always dreamed of.

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We can help you transform your landscape.

Often considered “softscape”, trees, shrubs, and flowering plants, are the outdoor elements that make your house a home. Functionality is the driving force behind strong landscaping design, followed by visual appeal. Professional landscape architects will develop a customized plan based on the unique features of the client’s home and outdoor space. Plants have to be chosen carefully, taking into consideration appropriate heights, desired look, color coordination, textures, and bloom times.

Rhine Landscaping also offers landscape maintenance features that will help ensure that plants, flowers and trees stay strong and healthy, allowing the client to enjoy them for many seasons.

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