Your pool should not be a separate entity from your landscape. The two should meld into one, perfectly complimenting one another. Your softscape – flowers, bushes, trees, etc. – and hardscape must work together to form the perfect outdoor oasis.

When designing your pool area, you should consider the follow:

Space: The size of your pool should also compliment your landscape. A pool should not be the overbearing, taking up the majority of your yard. It should be big enough to be functional, yet small enough to allow for other landscaping aspects.


Softscape: Too few flowers and plants and your pool will seem barren and lifeless. Too many flowers and you will begin to attract unwanted pests and insects. The key is to find the right balance.

Also consider the types of plants you choose. Do not use plants and flowers that spread, as these will overtake your pool area. You should also be wary of planting trees close to your pool. The roots may end up damaging the pool or its surrounding hardscape.


Hardscape: Statues, fountains, benches and swings provide an extra aesthetic element to your landscape. You should also consider more visually pleasing building materials besides traditional cement.

To better utilize the above factors, consider hiring a professional landscaping company, like Rhine Landscaping.

Rhine Landscaping prides itself on providing clients with individualized service and attention to detail that is unsurpassed in the industry. With a strong team of experienced and qualified professionals, including architects, engineers and landscape designers, Rhine has a track record of taking the simplest to the most complex project from dream to reality.

Our landscape designers listen to the clients’ needs, look at the overall architecture of your home, existing hardscape elements and landscaping, proper drainage systems and the surrounding environment when creating a design. Rhine Landscaping can also assist you with enhancing your swimming pool area with additional walkways, patios, hardscape element, water features, softscape and much more!

Rhine has built its solid reputation by providing creative and unique landscape features while staying within the client’s budget and timeframe.

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We can help you transform your landscape.

Rhine Landscaping in Baltimore, Maryland can handle every aspect of your landscape, from hardscapesand patios / walkways, to retaining walls, water features such as fountainsfireplaces/ firepits,swimming pools, landscape design, landscape installation, outdoor kitchensdecks, pavilions, basement waterproofingdrainageand more,

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