Step 1: Make the decision to invest in a swimming pool.

Step 2: Choose the type of swimming pool. And with cement pools, fiberglass pools, and vinyl pools, you have a tough choice ahead of you. Deciding on which material is best for you requires the examination of several factors, such as your budget, pool location, pool style, size, and pool shape, and how the pool will be used.

  1. Concrete Pools: For starters, concrete is best if you are looking to completely customize your pool. If you can dream it, your pool designer can build it with concrete!
  2. Fiberglass Pools: Fiberglass pools come in a wide variety of styles and come in a one-piece shell made from a mold. They can also be enhanced with pool accessories, such as ceramic tile, custom jets, mosaics, and water features.
  3. Vinyl Pools: These budget-friendly pools can configure to all types of shapes and styles. Over time sunlight and harsh pool chemicals can deteriorate the liners, but with proper care, a liner can last 10 to 15 years.

Step 3: Call Rhine Landscaping!

Our pool designs can include water features such as waterfalls, hot tubs and waterslides. Our landscape designers listen to the clients’ needs, look at the overall architecture of your home, existing hardscape elements and landscaping, proper drainage systems and the surrounding environment when creating a design. Rhine Landscaping can also assist you with enhancing your swimming pool area with additional walkways, patios, hardscape element, water features and much more!

If you have any additional questions about Pool Design or Landscape Design, contact Rhine Landscaping by calling 410-442-2445 or click here today!

Rhine Landscaping in Baltimore, Maryland can handle every aspect of your landscape, from hardscapes and patios / walkways, to retaining walls, water features such as fountainsfireplaces / firepitsswimming pools, landscape design, landscape installation, outdoor kitchensdecks, pavilions, basement waterproofingdrainage and more,

We can help you transform your landscape.

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Swimming Pool Types