Even during the dead of winter, your landscape doesn’t have to look dead. When the weather is cold, there are still plenty of options to keep your garden looking full of life in spite of it not being prime planting season. Trees and shrubs that can withstand low temperatures can usher in some much needed color and visual interest in an otherwise bleak and grey winter landscape. Here are some of our favorite plants to help make spirits bright this season:

Trees for Winter Landscaping with Interesting Bark

–       Lacebark Elm: The bark on this tree, very appropriately, takes on the look of lace, its flaking pieces displaying shades of greys, tans, and reds.

–       Quaking Aspen: With a tall trunk full of green and black marks and deep knots, this tree also has striking leaves come fall, when the foliage turns bright golden yellow and orange.

–       Crape Myrtle: This spindly and delicate tree has a divided trunk that shoots up in several different directions with light grey bark. With beautiful deep purple and pink flowers, crape myrtles are lovely in the springtime, but are also resistant to frost, making them ideal for winter.

Trees for Winter Landscaping with Great Color

–       Sargent Crabapple: With bright red fruits, there’s no doubt this tree will make a bold impression against snow and otherwise colorless yards in winter. With dense branches and a reasonably small height, the Sargent Crabapple is appropriate for littler gardens.

–       Snowdrift Crabapple: Also bearing red fruit, this colorful addition to your landscape doubles up as food for birds, bringing lots of pretty winged creatures into your yard.

–       Redosier Dogwood: An excellent barrier to wind or the perfect privacy fence, Redosier Dogwood makes a nice contrast to stark white snow with its vibrant red bark.

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Top Trees for Winter Landscaping