In our hectic weeks chock full of work and obligations, it’s easy for our brains to feel constantly on the verge of overload. Compounding the chaos of day-to-day realities are the not-so-tranquil urban environments many of us find ourselves a part of. It isn’t difficult to believe that the traffic, noise, and image overload of city living contributes to our mental unrest and utter exhaustion. But that’s the beauty of nature: if we make a habit of gazing at greenery as opposed to all the cement and skyscrapers surrounding us, we can walk our way right into a more relaxed state of mind.

At Rhine Landscaping, our team of experienced professionals is here to help usher some tranquility into your life. Psychologist Stephen Kaplan at the University of Michigan proposed in his attention restoration theory (ART), that natural settings demand less cognitive attention than the horn-honking, car-backfiring, confusing streets of cities. In other words, stepping into the great outdoors can have a great impact on restoring the mechanisms of the mind.

Whether you’re a business looking to attract more customers – it’s proven that people like to spend more time in places with beautiful landscapes – or a homeowner attempting to create a backyard haven, Rhine Landscaping can develop an environment that will be more relaxing than chamomile tea and a day off of work. Let’s not forget that while improving your own state-of-mind, you’ll also be improving air and water quality while reducing distracting noise pollution since soft shrubbery absorbs sound better than pavement.

Let Rhine Landscaping create a “softscape” for you to eliminate the stress resulting from the “harshscapes” that inundate us every day. We will create a functional but visually appealing design that meticulously considers height, texture, color, bloom time, coordination, and of course, your personal preferences regarding plants. Our individualized design and attention to detail will have you breathing easy and living in peace in no time, creating a retreat from urban sprawl and restoring the mind.

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How the city hurts your brain