During the cold, harsh Baltimore winter, chances are that the last thing anyone is thinking about is taking a dip in a swimming pool. It’s far more likely that you’d be preoccupied with staying indoors and keeping warm. Despite this natural inclination away from the aquatic, winter may actually be one of the best times to start contemplating a pool installation. While this might seem absurd, Rhine Landscaping is here with a few reasons why Baltimore homeowners should start thinking about a pool this winter.

Pool Planning

Greater Contractor Availability

The busiest time of the year for Baltimore Pool Contractors is over the summer. It’s hot, the city can be crowded, and the humidity just makes things worse. Therefore, it’s natural that during this time Baltimore homeowner’s minds turn towards swimming pools. If you don’t preempt the rush you may be stuck with a slower construction process, as your swimming pool contractors will have many obligations. Starting the planning process during the winter guarantees that you’ll be able to take the plunge into cool, blue waters as soon as hot weather hits.

More Affordable Installation

Because Baltimore pool installation contractors aren’t as busy during the cold winter weather, there’s a significant likelihood that you can secure a deal for a substantially lower price than if you were trying to start during the spring or summer. It’s not at all unusual for Baltimore pool contractors to extend seasonal discounts, which can make winter the perfect time for pool planning if you want to save a little extra.

Get Permits Fast

The factor most often responsible for pool installation delays is waiting to be issued one of the many permits required to complete the process. When Baltimore Pool installation is in high demand like it is over the summer, construction can be delayed by weeks. Since the requests for permits typically fall off during the winter, they arrive much faster. In the event that delays do arrive, by starting early you’ve guaranteed yourself a substantial buffer period, which will help ensure that come hell or high water, your pool will be ready for summer.

Want to Start Planning Your Perfect Pool?

Call Rhine Landscaping! We’re experienced and dedicated swimming pool installation professionals located in Baltimore and servicing the city and the greater Maryland area. Our pool designs are experienced at incorporating water features such as waterfalls, hot tubs and waterslides into our pools. We believe in in the craftsmanship of our work  and our landscape designers always listen to the clients’ needs, look at the overall architecture of your home, existing hardscape elements and landscaping, proper drainage systems and the surrounding environment when creating a design.

To learn more about winter swimming pool installation and to get started designing your own Baltimore pool, contact Rhine Landscaping at (410)-442-2445 or fill out our online contact form today!