Gardening lingo is not something that the average homeowner is familiar with. One area of confusion tends to be the difference between annual plants, biennials, and perennials. So, what’s the difference?

This article from explains as it sheds some light on the often-misunderstood realm of perennial plants.

First of all, what classifies each category of plant as annual, biennial or perennial? Annual plants, as you may have guessed, have a life cycle of a single year, biennials, a life cycle of two years, and perennials have a life cycle of three or more years.

Now let’s dispel a few myths surrounding perennials.

Myth #1

Just because a plant is categorized as perennial does not mean it will necessarily last three or more years. If you live where it gets cold in winter, many plants from warm climates that are properly classified as perennials will not last more than a year for you. These plants are still perennials; they are merely perennials whose life cycle has been cut short. But this doesn’t change their classification.

Myth #2

While some perennials die back in winter and return in spring, not all perennials follow suit.

Myth #3

Just because you see the same plant in your garden year after year, this does not mean that is a perennial. They could simply be re-seeding, as some annuals do.

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