benefits of paversWhen people are getting ready to build patios in Maryland, we hear the following question a lot: which is better, pavers or stamped concrete? While we’ll agree that there are pros and cons to both types of paver materials, we personally believe in pavers as the superior product. We prefer to use natural stone material or clay/brick pavers for our patio, walkway, and driveway projects. Let’s talk about why pavers are generally the better product to use for home improvement projects!

Advantages of Pavers

  • Safety – This is a big reason why we prefer pavers over stamped concrete. Concrete can be extremely dangerous when it’s wet or icy because it’s a continuous slab. It’s easy to slip and fall on concrete, which isn’t a very forgiving material. Concrete isn’t a great material in states like Maryland, where we tend to get a lot of precipitation year round. Pavers can be a tripping hazard, but if you take good care of them, they’re much safer than stamped concrete.
  • Durability – Pavers will last much longer than stamped concrete. Many times they even come with a lifetime warranty. It’s not a matter of if concrete is going to crack, it’s a matter of when. Concrete will always crack and need to be repaired. Repairs can get expensive after a while since concrete repairs are pretty involved. The nice thing about pavers is that if you have to replace them, you usually only have to replace one at a time. Concrete requires more work and effort.
  • Maintenance – Pavers don’t require a lot of your attention. You’ll have to hose them off once in a while and make sure that you sweep them, but that’s about it. Stamped concrete needs to be sealed and occasionally entirely resurfaced. When you’d rather have something that doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time working on your hardscaping, paver patios are the smart route to go.
  • Aesthetics – It’s true that you can also get decent aesthetics out of stamped concrete, but you have more options for pavers. They come in an array of different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. They’re more flexible and much easier to use, even if the ground that you want to install them on isn’t completely even. Pavers work great for just about any outdoor hardscaping project that you have.

Professional Hardscaping Services

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Source: Great Day Improvements