fire pitWe’ve already discussed some of the many benefits that an outdoor fire pit can provide your Maryland home with. It’s a beautiful and practical addition to any backyard that can extend your home’s useable space, provide you with warmth during the colder months, and look great doing it too. So let’s say you’ve decided to go ahead on constructing an outdoor fire pit, the next obvious question is: How do you design one? Rhine Landscaping is here with a few things to keep on your mind while designing your backyard fire pit.


One of the foremost concerns on any Maryland homeowner’s mind when considering any substantial property renovation is the price. It’s important to set a budget for your project before you begin and to stick to it. While, if you have the necessary skill, it is possible to construct a fire pit yourself for a lower price than a professional, that’s not accounting for the costs of any mistakes like improper installation, poor material selection, and the potentially poor quality of the result.

Fuel Source

Though there are some alternate fuels available most Maryland homeowners with outdoor fire pits prefer either wood or gas powered systems. While wood does offer that genuine real-log smell, it also requires constant fueling and careful observation to make sure that the fire doesn’t get out of control, as well as a steady supply of firewood. Some Maryland homeowners prefer to fuel their outdoor fire pit with gas or propane which can provide a quick starting, remote controlled fire, that you won’t have to continually dump logs into.


Many Maryland property laws require a minimum distance between a fire pit and the home proper, others may require a permit, or a site inspection from the local fire marshal. It’s important to look up any regulations on outdoor fire pits and fire sources to make sure you’re cooperating with the law. A good landscaping company will take care of permit research and application for you.

Interested In an Outdoor Fire Pit?

Call Rhine Landscaping. With an outdoor fire pit from Rhine Landscaping, you can design a fire pit that fits with your home’s aesthetic, provides warmth, augments your lawn’s appearance, and complies with all safety standards.. Whether you prefer wood burning, natural gas, or charcoal fire pits, at Rhine Landscaping we use only high-quality materials to emphasize the beauty of your home. We also want to make sure that safety plays an important role. We examine the area and make sure the fire pit is built in a safe spot at an appropriate distance away from your home. We also make sure to line it with fireproof mortar and brick to protect the stone of the fire pit, and to protect you!

To find out more about installing a fire pit in your backyard this fall, visit our website and contact Rhine Landscaping by calling 410-442-2445 or click here today!

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