Lawn Care

Do you need a lawn care expert to come out to your home? Find out how often and why you might.

There are a number of reasons you may need a landscaping company to come out to your property. This could include basic lawn care, a complete redesign, removal of a stump, or something else. Still, it can be a question of how often a lawn care company should come to your home and what issues call for one to be called. If you’re wondering about whether or not you need to call a lawn care company, read on to find out.

Regular Service

Typically, the season to improve your lawn is between March and November. These 9 months allow for a 6 or 7 visit program to be developed, as you’ll have a lawn care professional at your home every 4-6 weeks to help get your lawn in top shape. During this time, they will also inspect for other issues that may be able to be addressed by you, the property owner, that could come about through incorrect practices like mowing or irrigation. Bigger issues, like turf diseases, may require help from a professional to get fungicide spread and keep your lawn from dying out.

Complete Redesigns

If you’re either moving into a new home or just trying to completely revamp your landscaping efforts, you’ll definitely want a lawn care specialist to come out at least a few times. The first visit should be used to survey your available area and come up with designs. You can work with your landscape designer not just on how to maintain and care for your lawn itself, but if you have any trees or gardening elements, you can figure out the placement of those as well.

Hardscaping Upgrades

Your lawn care specialist may also be capable of hardscaping elements like us at Rhine Landscaping. These elements can take longer to put in place and must be integrated with already existing elements properly. You’ll want your lawn care and hardscaping specialist to not just come out and install these hardscaping elements such as outdoor fireplaces, but to actually come back out and check the quality of their work. This ensures you’re getting the best of the best.

Professional Landscape Design for Your Home

Rhine Landscaping has the tools to make your yard beautiful throughout the year, so trust us with all of your landscaping and poolscaping needs. We have the expertise and knowledge to complete any and all of the landscaping projects on your list. For more information about our services, visit us online or give us a call at (410) 442-2445. For more tips on how to keep your yard and pool looking great year round, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Houzz.