Can you believe it’s November? In just a few weeks, we’ll all be talking about Thanksgiving!
With so much happening during the upcoming holiday season, like family gatherings, and the change of seasons, there are some helpful tips along the way to ensure your lawn and landscape remain healthy, proper, and presentable.

The Mid-Atlantic region exhibits the gamut of temperatures and seasonal weather. As the colder air enters during November, here are some helpful tips to keep your landscape and lawn healthy and presentable. And, if you ever need assistance with your landscaping maintenance, let us know at any time.

First, consider general maintenance around your home. Bring in garden tools, clean and sharpen any blades, and store them for the upcoming winter season. This will help ensure that everything is ready to go for the Spring.

Have you ever noticed that weeds still pop up at random times and locations around your lawn? Removing them now should be easier as the plants are dying out.

If your area is prone to deer, and you have evergreen shrubs around your landscape, consider placing burlap around the perimeter of the plants.

Rake the leaves, let the kiddos jump on in, and then rake them again!