Do you have a small yard, or perhaps an area that you would like to utilize for plants or flowers, or maybe even large enough as a small seating area?  Here are some tips that will help you!


  • Create “Zones”: If your landscaping area is large enough to segment into different areas, consider making zones.  In short, breaking up the area whereby one portion consists of perhaps a couple potted plants and another consists of a couple of outdoor chairs.  Tie it together with a pop of color and your area will inherently appear larger than it actually is, yet maintain its complete functionality!
  • Make The Area Warm, Inviting, and Cozy: From a short-height fencing and lounge chair with weatherproof pillows, to an awning and storage sofa, get creative!  These affordable items allow you to comfortably enjoy the outdoor weather, and look great!
  • Keep it Contained: Container gardening is a great way to create interest by having varied levels, and to bring greenery to the hardscaped areas of your garden.
  • Diversify: Rather than limiting your options with regards to plants by keeping only one or two of the same variety, differ your choices, bringing interesting texture and heights to your landscape.
  • Wall Climber: Use the walls of your courtyard or fence around your yard to gain additional space for greenery: creeping vines and hanging baskets or containers maximize your space.
  • Point of View and Illusion: Long, vertical lines, will create a point of view and when extended outward, can create an illusion of appearing bigger than it really is.  Accentuate this with a small walkway or path and plants.

Don’t let a little land limit you to little ideas: think big, and follow these tips to ensure you develop an attractive, well thought out landscape.

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