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Retaining walls can create levels within your outdoor space and massively enhance visual appeal and function. 

Have you ever considered a retaining wall for your property? Is your outdoor living area restricted or congested? Are you having drainage issues? If the answer is yes, you may have a structural need for a retaining wall. If your answer is no, it may be time to consider retaining walls for their immense visual appeal. Retaining walls can be designed beautifully and functionally to compliment any landscape. Rhine Landscaping is to help you understand the visual appeal and need for retaining walls in Maryland.

What are Retaining Walls Used For?

Retaining walls are implemented for various reasons. They can create more space and make the current environment surrounding your home more functional. They can assist with rectifying drainage issues and holding back earth. They can also be used to elevate patios and create multiple levels within outdoor living spaces. To accommodate each homeowner’s unique property and lifestyle, retaining walls can be integrated with other hardscaping like water features, waterfalls, fire pits, and outdoor kitchen areas. They can also be used to elevate your gardens and create a more inviting and beautiful landscape.

What are Retaining Walls Made Of?

Retaining walls can be constructed using several different materials. At Rhine Landscaping, we use the highest quality durable materials in order to build the following types of retaining walls: manufactured concrete walls, segmental wall blocks, natural stone, and brick veneer walls. Concrete walls are the most cost-effective, but easily the least visually appealing. Retaining walls made of natural stone are increasingly popular among homeowners due to their durability and immense visual appeal. Retaining walls made of natural stone can enhance your property with a certain amount of charm and elegance that it may have been lacking before.

Custom Retaining Wall Design

Retaining walls can be customized and designed to meet the unique needs of your property and budget. They can feature an informal shape that conforms to your existing hardscaping features or be classically built wherever you prefer. Do you need proof of how flexible custom retaining wall design can be? Check out our photo gallery of retaining walls!


Whether you need a retaining wall for structural reasons or are just looking to enhance the appeal and value of your property, Rhine Landscaping can help turn your dreams into reality. Call us today at 410-442-2445. We’ve got the knowledge your lawn needs to get it ready for summer. You can also contact us on our website. We can help you plan, plant, and create the yard of your dreams. You can also check out our blogs to stay on top of landscaping trends and tips.

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