It’s been a mild winter – many of us in Maryland were shocked that the holiday classic “White Christmas” turned into a reality, rather than something we were simply “dreaming of.”  With warmer temperatures across the state, many of us have been complaining, inquiring, “where’s winter?” and longing to take out our mittens and thick knit sweaters.  But there could be a plus side to the lack of freezing weather this season: it’s less harsh on the landscapes of Maryland home- and business owners.

Because the ground hasn’t iced over until recently – and even then, it wasn’t for long – and the plants are still thriving, landscaping companies in Maryland are continuing to service those in need of outdoor sprucing. Plants and trees are continuing to drink in water, storing it for the winter time – as though the winter is still yet to come. This means the plants in your landscape will still thrive so long as the weather stays relatively unchanged, making the transition from winter to spring less of jump.

There are some things to be on the lookout for, though. The lack of freezing temperatures means more insects can survive throughout the winter – some of them invasive and some, a threat to humans, like the deer tick. The best way to make sure these insects remain in check is to have a landscaping professional survey your property in order to recommend a safe but potent means of taking care of the problem.

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Warmer temps good for landscaping

Caring for Your Landscape After a Mild Winter