We may be finished singing “deck the halls,” but that doesn’t mean we have to do away with decks altogether. This week, we’re offering a few tips on deck decorating that can help you expand the square footage of your home by creating a comfortable secondary entertaining space.

Frame it:  Using planters scattered around the deck’s edge creates border definition that lends an added sense of intimacy while transitioning between outdoors and in with some greenery.

Support: Beams lining the perimeter of your deck create a sense of definition for the space while still being open to the yard. It’s also a great way to drape fabric in order to provide a little added shade.

Comfy, Cozy: Add an overhead structure to your porch to protect a couch that will give functional seating to your outdoor space. Hanging plants will bring a touch of whimsy and floral charm to this area of your deck.

Sky High: If your deck is elevated and railings are necessary for safety, consider open metal vertical railings that will contrast the wood space nicely.

Cyclical Nature:  A round deck connected to the home provides can provide an alluring little spot for relaxation, the circular shape mimicking the organic and soft qualities of the surrounding shapes.

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Deck Landscaping Ideas