Winter doesn’t mean you just forget about your landscape! Here are some creative ideas to get your yard looking like a winter wonderland.

Winter probably isn’t the time of year that most people think about their landscape. It’s often covered with snow and frost, with no grass growth and limited outdoor activities. But gardeners and landscape designers know that there are still many ways you can make your landscape shine during the winter chill. Bring texture, color, and clever design techniques to the exterior of your home. Follow these landscaping tips to turn your gray-scape into a brilliant design that fits the winter season.


Rely on the bright color of evergreens. Despite their name, evergreens are available in more colors than just green — you can find yellow and blue evergreens as well, in addition to more shades and tones. Although beautiful all year round, they add some beautiful brightness that breaks up the gray and white atmosphere of winter.


Perennials are great for cold weather because of the winter foliage that they have. Some species have evergreen foliage, ornamental grasses, and even hellebores. Low-creeping foliage is an excellent choice for winter landscapes but it’s important to choose perennials that have winter foliage, so be sure to read the labels before purchasing.

Summertime Features

Continue to use some of your summertime design features in the winter. Containers like window boxes or hanging baskets are great in the winter as well. The bright colors against the snowy, white backdrop will create an excellent contrast. Consider using broadleaf evergreens, the holly and rhododendron, or even a miniature dwarf Alberta spruce.


If you don’t have as much of a green thumb in the winter as you’d like, then don’t forget to rely on your hardscaping design. You can take this time of year to really assess the overall design of your landscape, how it works with your hardscape design, and how you can enhance it in the upcoming spring. In the winter, you can enhance your hardscape with winter designs that bring out the focal points of your property, especially with complementary lighting design and holiday accessories.

Professional Landscape Design for Your Home

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