Hiring a landscaping company doesn’t have to be like short-term dating. Though landscapers are known for their design and installation services, many people fail to recognize that they’re not a one-time-only service provider, but rather, are in it for the long haul: Rhine Landscaping will upkeep a relationship with you by upkeeping your outdoor space with one of our many maintenance plans.

In the age of DIY, there are still a myriad of reasons to hire a landscaper, perhaps the largest being that the initial investment can save you lots of money down the road – or should we say, down your newly hardscaped backyard walkway? If you don’t know how to properly select plants according to your climate, soil, and required level of care, you could wind up with shriveled shrubs and shrinking funds – something that every homeowner wants to avoid.

When you take the plunge and connect with a landscaping company, make sure they’re willing to see you for the long-term. Whether it be regular lawn mowing or a little spring cleaning, Rhine Landscaping is here to spruce up your outdoor space and keep it looking as lush as the day it was planted. For flourishing flowers, green grasses, and sumptuous shrubs, check out the variety of maintenance packages we offer below:

Daily Dosage: Standard maintenance plans allow you to enjoy your garden without all the work. We’ll mow and edge your law, trim your trees, whack your weeds, and clean debris off your hardscaped spaces each week to keep your outdoor area looking pristine. We’ll worry about Keeping you up with the Joneses so that you don’t have to.

Seasonal Bliss: Seasonal maintenance packages will keep your plants happy from winter through summer. Spring clean ups include deadheading flowers, pruning trees and shrubs, fertilizing, and applying fresh mulch. Fall clean ups include leaf removal, heavy pruning of trees and shrubs, thinning of trees, and removal of overgrowth inside of trees. To get you through the bitter winter months, Rhine Landscaping can plow your commercial space and remove snow from parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks to keep pedestrians safe in spite of the treacherous conditions.

Through the Storm: We’ll stand by you even if the weather doesn’t. We can remove the tree on your property that came tumbling down in the high winds, or thin your trees as a preventative measure against perilous storms. We’ll also service your trees year-round with pruning, shaping, and trimming, or stump grinding, should you need to eliminate one of your towering trunks.

Whether you want to retire from the continuous task of mowing your lawn or make sure your garden transitions smoothly from season to season, Rhine Landscaping can offer you a maintenance package to fit your needs and keep your outdoor space looking immaculate.

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