Winter Landscape with icy trees

Cold winter winds and repeated snows can dry out or damage younger plantings.

Fall landscaping can be overwhelming – so many leaves and so little time. However, there are a few things you can do to help your yard spring back into place once the winter weather has come and gone. Read on to learn about two important landscaping tips for this fall.

Leaf Removal

No one like to spend all that time raking leaves. Too much leaf matter on your lawn can do serious damage to your lawn! Excess leaf matter can smother the grass, and promote snow mold diseases. Take the time to do some landscape maintenance – rake or leaf blower the leaves into a compost or disposal pile, far away from your lawn.

Alternatively, you can mulch the leaves with a mower, chopping them up into very small pieces to provide nutrients and organic matter that benefit the lawn and soil. Mulching leaves requires frequent mowing in the fall and possibly several passes with the mower to mulch the leaves sufficiently, so be prepared to take a little extra time with landscape maintenance throughout the fall season. Specialized mowers for leaf mulching exist, and can be used year-round for beneficial leaf mulching.

Winterize Your Trees & Shrubs

Make sure your landscape looks as good in the spring as it did this summer – take the time to winterize your shrubs and trees!

Create a windbreak to protect shrubs from being dried out by strong gusts. Shield them by hammering 1×5 stakes into the ground to make a frame, then wrap with burlap and staple the material to the stakes.

Wrap tall, narrow shrubs into a tight column with twine to keep branches from collecting heavy snow or ice and breaking off. Shelter plants up against your home from falling icicles and snow melt with a simple, reusable A-frame structure that you can make from 2x4s and exterior-grade plywood.

Ready for the Landscaping professionals to lend you a hand?

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