We use and admire our landscapes all year round, so why not care for them the same? There are many ways to spruce up your landscape during all four seasons. This article details some ways to do this, mainly involving trees and shrubs. There are certain combinations of trees and shrubs that will bloom in such a way that you will have something blooming at any time of the year.


In selecting plants for you backyard, with 365 days of growth in mind, there are a few things to think about. As this article says, “You must discover when particular plants put on their best show. And, based on this knowledge, you must aim for a planting plan that is “staggered.” That is, make sure your back yard doesn’t end up with a plethora of high-performers for the spring and summer displays, for instance, while quite neglecting the fall and winter displays. Instead, distribute the beauty across the four seasons, as equally as possible.”


Landscaping for all seasons begins with organization. You have to have some kind of plan drawn or mapped out in your head for the layout of your space. This way everything will have room to grow and bloom healthily. For smaller properties, it is better to allow space for trees and shrubs in a methodical and disciplined manner, so that they don’t end up outgrowing their homes and causing you problems. Other factors besides space should be considered. Keep in mind zones in your neighborhood, sun, shades, and soil type.


Once you have researched and thought about all of the practical components of choosing plants for you backyard, let the creative juices flow. Keep in mind what plants will bloom when and what color they will be. This will help you alternate between what plants to put where. Next week we will revisit this topic with more ideas for 365 planting.


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