Spicing up your dull yard is simpler than you may think. A few well-placed rocks may be all it takes to turn a lazy lawn into a backyard masterpiece. rock features

Rock Garden: This simple solution to the boring backyard can add a nice focal point to the landscape. Rock Gardens typically include some larger rocks placed in a bed of smaller stones. This is the perfect solution for the homeowner who wants an aesthetically appealing lawn without having any upkeep. With no living parts, rock gardens offer the perfect hands-off lawn ornament.

Garden Pathway: Rocks can also create the perfect winding pathway through your yard – a nice alternative to concrete sidewalks. You can use larger rocks for the border and then fill in the middle with smaller stones and pebbles. Be creative and let the pathway accent your yard.

Ground Cover: You can use smaller rocks as ground covers to decoratively surround unattractive objects like spigots. The rocks will also help keep your ground from becoming muddy.

Steps: Larger flat rocks can be used to create natural looking stairs to elegantly accent your yard. The natural shape and size of the rocks will vary. You’ll need to dig out and level an area for each rock in the side of the hill. Larger stairs are best handled by a professional with equipment to lift the rocks, which get quite heavy.

Be creative and give your yard a more decorative feel. If you have any questions or if you just want more suggestions, contact Rhine Landscaping by calling 410-442-2445 or click here today!