Landscaping With Trees

Arbor Day is the best time to landscape with trees.

Arbor Day is here! There’s no better time than now to plant some trees in your yard and start landscaping with trees. There are a ton of options, but regardless of whether you want tall trees or short trees, or even flowering trees, trees can add a ton of visual appeal to your space without hurting the bank. Now’s the time to enhance your outdoor landscaping and planting a few trees is the perfect way to do so!

Why Should You Start Landscaping With Trees?

Trees offer a few different benefits. Some of them are beautiful to look at, while others will give your yard a nice patch of shade to sit in during the warm summer months. They can also be used to invoke a sense of security around your property. If you’ve got neighbors who peer into your yard a bit too much, landscaping with trees is an effective way to turn your yard into a private space. Plus, planting trees is environmentally friendly!

What Kinds of Trees?

If you’re wondering what kind of trees your yard needs, it may be best to visit a local tree nursery and see what options there are. Here are some of our favorite kinds of trees:

  • Evergreens. Evergreens can make sure small backyard feel like a mighty forest, which is very unique. They’re big, beautiful, and traditional. Try red cedars, also known as pencil cedars!
  • Crabapple trees. These are small flowering trees that are useful for wildlife food and shelter, as they produce a tiny fruit. They also tolerate urban conditions well however, making them ideal for landscaping.
  • Dogwoods. Great trees for the corner of your home, and can also attract a wide variety of beautiful birds. They also have character in all four seasons and look amazing year-round!

Professional Landscaping With Trees

Rhine Landscaping is here to help. Not only can we help you choose out the perfect variety of tree, but we can help you pick out the perfect placement. You’ll reap the benefits of having lower energy bills, more privacy, and helping the environment simply by adding some trees to your yard!

Professional Landscape Design for Your Home

Rhine Landscaping has the tools to make your yard beautiful throughout the year, so trust us with all of your landscaping and poolscaping needs. We have the expertise and knowledge to complete any and all of the landscaping projects on your list. For more information about our services, visit us online or give us a call at (410) 442-2445. For more tips on how to keep your yard and pool looking great year round, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Houzz.