Landscaping Tips with High Forecasted Winds

As the weather in our area is often unpredictable during the spring season, it is very important to pay proper attention to the landscape around your home. From downed trees, uprooted plants or shrubs, or torn grass, there are many elements that can be disrupted by severe storms.

Continue reading for some top tips and recommendations on easy methods at Helping Your Landscape During Extreme Weather.

landscaping tips with high winds

Pruning and Care

Preparing your lawn and landscape is incredibly important.  A well-planned landscape design and appropriate maintenance and upkeep, help promote the health, longevity, and appearance of your landscape.  Plants that are properly cared for and pruned, scheduled fertilization, and de-weeding, all help aid in proper health and sustainability in extreme weather, such as high winds, heat, or drought.

Tree and Plant Staking

When planting new trees or plants around your Howard County home, be sure to stake them in such a way that they are secure, but also have some flexibility. This will permit them to bend without breaking. Using two to three stakes, secure your tree or plant so that it may flex properly with the wind relative to the direction. If the winds are coming from the north, place the stakes on the west / east sides.

Wind-Resistant Trees and Plantings

Did you know that crape myrtles, live oaks, and certain hollies are among the most wind-resistant trees? Choose trees and plants that are ideal for your climate but also for the potential weather in the event of a storm. Many fruit trees, pines, and sycamore trees are more susceptible to high wind breakage.

Reinforcing Trellises and Outdoor Structures

Extreme winds can have the strength to upfront just about anything in its path. However, proper construction of outdoor elements is pertinent at keeping everything intact. For any outdoor trellises, pergolas, awnings, or other structures, you will want these to be installed with correct footers and anchoring systems.

Wind Erosion

If you are concerned about, or live in an area, where erosion may occur, fret not! Consider raising your flower or plant beds off of the ground. The soil is more contained and can be easily leveled. Planting in small groups can also be advantageous as they ultimately work together to help protect against wind.

Group Plantings

In high wind areas, planting trees, shrubs, or small bushes in groups have a better chance of sustainability. The small clusters essentially help each plant withstand the wind forces.

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