As the rain from Ida heads our way, be sure to tend to the landscape around your home, particularly since some areas are expected to receive upwards of 8-10″ of rain over the next 48 hours.

Here are a couple quick tips before the rain begins!

1. Gutters and Drain Maintenance
Keeping your gutters free of debris is vital to reducing any potential buildup of leaves or twigs can quickly clog the downspouts, resulting in a buildup and overflow of rainwater. For any drains and grates around your home or landscape, make sure they are also clear of debris and flow properly.

2. Stay off the Lawn!
After a heavy rain, the impaction of stepping (and jumping by kiddos) can create unwanted impaction, ultimately slowing the efficiency and speed of drainage.

If you have any drainage issues or need water management services, give us a call!