As the summer is slowly winding down, children are back in school, and the weather begins to get a bit cooler, here are some tips and suggestions for readying your landscaping for the upcoming Fall season.

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Walking Paths, Driveways, and Patio Care

Now is a great time to fill in any cracks that have appeared in concrete or asphalt.  Be certain to use a proper sealant, too, as you want to prevent water build-up or drainage underneath of the groundwork.  


The latter part of Fall is a good time of the year to do heavy pruning on any bushes or trees.  Doing so can prevent damage in the snow but also keep the size more manageable for the springtime.

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Mowing Your Lawn

Continue mowing your lawn until the grass stops growing. You still have a good 6-10 weeks depending on your climate. As the weather cools, reduce the blade cutting size so the grass is not as short.

Soil Testing + Reseeding

The Fall season is a great time to plant new grass. However, before doing so, be sure to have your soil pH level tested. It’s a sure-fire way of knowing whether or not seeding will prove viable.


Take a small rake or hoe and turn up the mulch; in other words, move it around so as to give it some ‘fluff’. This can reduce the need to purchase more, but ultimately allows more air circulation and keep the total thickness around 2-3 inches.


Fall is a great time to plant and replant existing ones you have in your yard. For some plants, dividing them into multiple areas is a great way at using what you currently have and ultimately creating a more lush environment for not only the Fall, but also in the spring season.


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