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Keeping your landscaping beautiful can be very time consuming.  It’s always been that gardeners and landscapers would achieve their version of perfection by controlling every aspect of the space. Perfectly manicured lawns, weedless gardens, and shrubbery shaped to their exact specifications without a single branch out of place.

Now, gardeners and landscapers have figured out that you can make outdoor spaces more beautiful by working with nature. They choose plants that naturally thrive in that particular environment, creating a sustainable landscape that is also relatively low maintenance. Here are just a couple of tips to consider when creating your own landscape.

The Importance of a Good Plan

Like Mom always said, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right.”  If you just go to the garden center and choose plants you like without any thought for keeping them healthy in the long-term, there’s a good chance you won’t even have a long-term to worry about.

Certain plants may look tiny and pretty when you see them at the store, but those plants grow.  Sometimes they grow way more than you ever could have expected.  So now you have a huge towering hedge where you just wanted a little shrub and that’s a problem.

The point: Know your plants.  Landscaping that will last is not done on a whim.  Do your research. Go into it with a plan and your landscape will thrive.

Maintaining Your Landscape

Once your project is finished, it will need maintenance.  This has 3 general stages:

  • Acclimation: In the first month or two after being planted, your plants may be in shock. Regular watering is especially important during this stage.
  • Establishment: The one to three years following installation is when your plants will establish themselves in their environment. Different plants will take different amounts of time to establish.
  • Stewardship: If you get your landscape through the first two stages, this is the long-term care of your established plants.

Timing Matters!

If you prune something right before it’s supposed to bloom, you can’t expect it to flower very well.  If you do your landscaping in the hottest part of the summer, you can’t expect the plants to not get stressed from all the blistering heat.  As with the planning, research is key.  The Internet is your friend.  There is so much information to be found on landscape care, you’ll be able to keep your garden beautiful for years to come.

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