2015 is a new year, a time for change. While many people make New Year’s resolutions for themselves each year, it’s also worth thinking about your yard a little. Is there anything you’d like to change? Things you could have done differently in 2014? Well now’s the time to do better! That’s why Rhine Landscaping is here with some helpful landscaping tips for getting the most out of your yard in the coming year.


Build a Patio

While it might seem intimidating, having a patio built as part of your Maryland landscape might be easier than you though. Brick and flagstone patios don’t have to be hard to build, especially if you hire the right help to aid you in the process. You can even stagger the work to save money, doing a bit every few months as you can afford. Patios make great additions to beautiful yards, adding tons of useable space and offering a lovely transition from the indoors to the out.

Install a Water Feature

While they’re not incredibly practical, water features are undoubtedly beautiful, bringing the soothing sound and appearance of rushing water to your landscape, transforming it into a private oasis. There are even more options when it comes to water features than ever before, ranging from ornate and elaborate structures, or simple, yet aesthetically pleasing models that still come with the same sense of natural calm.

Have Tree Limbing Done

While some landscaping work can be done DIY style, there are a few projects where hiring a professional is an absolute must. If you have trees on your Maryland landscape and any of them lie remotely close to things you’d rather not have crushed, hire a landscaping service to take care of any potentially lethal limbs before they fall, rather than after. Hiring a professional will ensure that the job is done right and that your trees will stay healthy, while losing extra limbs that could pose a risk to you and your loved ones.

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