Landscaping in high traffic areas can be somewhat difficult, but with proper planning, it will look beautiful.

You try to keep foot traffic from damaging your landscaping, but this can sometimes be quite difficult.  For commercial landscaping, it can be downright impossible.  Here are a couple of especially sturdy plants you can use in your commercial landscaping that can withstand a bit of traffic.

Creeping Blue Mazus (Mazus reptans)

This plant spreads quickly and is so hearty that it can actually be used as a substitute for grass.  In May and June, you will see it bloom with its pale purple flowers that have yellow and white speckled centers.  If you’re landscape design has stepping stones, this is a great plant to put between them.  It thrives in partial to full sun.

Ajuga reptans ‘Burgundy Glow’

Also called ‘bugle weed’, this lovely plant will spread throughout your landscaping quickly. It’s purple blooms and green and white variegated leaves will add dimension and color wherever you put them, although this plant does prefer partial to full shade.

Ice Plant (Delosperma)

Despite what its name may suggest, ice plant loves full sunlight. Its foliage looks a lot like the succulent plants that are quite popular right now and it is very easy to grow.  Ice plants will bloom from June to September and fill your landscape with its daisy-like blooms.

Moss Pinks (Phlox subulata)

This plant’s evergreen foliage will provide dimension to your landscape year-round.  In mid to late spring, its pink blooms will add a carpet of pretty pink flowers.


This hearty plant comes in many varieties.  All of them are good for a high-traffic area.

Using Landscaping to Direct Foot Traffic

In some cases, you can actually use plants to direct pedestrian traffic.  Using thorny plants will keep people off the more delicate beds; no one wants to be stuck with thorns. Putting in hedges or planting bushes close together can steer people where you want them to go or keep them out of certain areas without having to install a fence.

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