front entry way landscaping

Brighten your entry way with some colorful annuals. They will provide that extra bit of color your landscape needs.

What does your landscaping say about you – is your entryway messy and unkempt? Or is it well groomed and inviting? Your landscape is your first chance to give your visitors a good impression of your home, and what your landscaping looks like says a lot about you and your home. If you shrubberies are groomed and your lawn is lush, it shows that you care about your home.

Curb Appeal Has Power

Landscaping should enhance the aesthetic value of your home, complimenting its decor while not detracting from, or overwhelming, your  home’s style. So how can you improve your curb appeal?

If you’re looking to improve your landscaping around your front entryway, here are a few suggestions:

  • Vertical Elements: Trees and tall shrubs are the foundation of any good landscape. These add a vertical element to your home (but remember not to overwhelm your yard). A small home requires small trees and vice versa. Bromeliads, including guzmania, billbergia and aechmea, are great for vertical spaces. Most need little soil to grow in, making them ideal for vertical walls.
  • Front Door Accents: Brighten your entry way with some colorful annuals. They will provide that extra bit of color your landscape needs. If you’re not into flowers, consider adding brightly colored plants – peacock plants are silver and green on top and reddish purple underneath, making them attractive when viewed from above or below.
  • Perennials: Plant a variety around your home. These will provide seasonal spots of color all year long. Some will blossom in the spring, others during the summer. So plant a variety of perennials and watch your landscape change with the seasons.
  • Concealment Plantings: Use shrubs to hide unsightly foundation lines, define spaces and line walkways. Strategically placed evergreens (they maintain their leaves all year long to constantly hide problem areas) can conceal unattractive areas like garden hoses, heating and cooling elements, meters, etc. Ferns are great for covering large sections of open ground.

Ready for the Landscaping professionals to lend you a hand?

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