A backyard swimming pool is often considered to be a premiere focal point of your yard.  To further enhance not only the visual appeal of your landscape, but also the functionality and continued use by family and friends, consider complimenting your space with many custom landscaping options.

  • Extended Living Space: A great option to consider is complimenting the pool with a custom patio, outdoor kitchen or bar, or even a lounge area.  The comforts of inside, but instead, outside!
  • The “Look” With so many options available, consider stamped concrete, pavers, or a combination of stones.  You can really attain a unique look in designs and colors.
  • Swim-Up Bar: Give your pool that resort feel with a swim-up bar!
  • Water Features: Trickling from a custom waterfall or built within the side wall of a pool, fountains and waterfalls can give your swimming pool a more natural look and feel.
  • Rock Formations: Rock formations can create a very unique look, whether used as decor or incorporated into a water feature.
  • Plants: Don’t plant anything too close to the pool that is prickly, attractive to bees or wasps, or that sheds. Also steer clear of trees or plants whose roots can damage the structure of the pool or its plumbing. Otherwise, have fun!
  • Lighting: LED and fiber-optic lighting can be built into trees, rocks and underwater features.
  • Rhine Landscaping and Poolscaping: Our pool designs can include water features such as waterfalls, hot tubs and waterslides. Our landscape designers listen to the clients’ needs, look at the overall architecture of your home, existing hardscape elements and landscaping, proper drainage systems and the surrounding environment when creating a design. Rhine Landscaping can also assist you with enhancing your swimming pool area with additional walkways, patios, hardscape element, water features and much more!

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