Many homeowners have drainage issues with their properties and they are often found in the spring and summer seasons. Whether it is from shoddy craftsmanship of the structure, settling of the land, or from a storm, many factors can affect your property and water-related problems need to be corrected as quickly as possible so as to avoid further issues.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind when having any drainage issues corrected.  Not only will these help remedy the situation, but will create a better aesthetic appearance.

1. Using landscaping rocks or hardscaping blocks to create a fountain.  This can hide some drainage and create a more gradual run-off.

2. Redirect the water flow by creating a barrier with rocks, plants, or other vegetation.

3. Installing a grate above a drainage area is an easy project and provided there is proper access, a raised outdoor box or flower pot can be placed on top.

4. Certain plants, mulch, and a rock bed are great at redirecting water.

5. If you are having gutters installed, match them to your home and landscaping.  Consider painting them to that of your shrubs or small trees, or hiding them entirely.

6. Using small rocks will soften the impact of a heavy rainfall and offer a more gradual flow underneath.

7. Underground drainage systems can be a great way at moving water completely off your property or to an area where future issues can be avoided.

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