It may not seem like the most pressing concern, but good drainage is a critical element in any successful landscape design.

Landscapes without the right kinds of drainage can be obnoxious. They basically become one giant puddle the moment it rains which can have devastating effects on your property. It may not seem like the most pressing concern, but good drainage is a critical element in any successful landscape design. If you’re concerned about whether or not you need to change up your approach, call Rhine Landscaping and read on below!

Effects of Bad Drainage

Puddling of water on your lawn can lead to a few things, including:

  • Unsightly yellowing of your lawn or reduced growth of your lawn.
  • Creating low spots, essentially water flow paths that make your lawn look uneven and uncared for.
  • Drowning trees, shrubs, flowers, and more, causing them to die out and drastically change your landscape’s appearance.
  • Could cause damage property like flooding in your basement, which requires expensive repairs and recovery fees.
  • Could lead to soil erosion.

Why Tackle This Issue?

As you can see, the effects are pretty dramatic. The biggest reason to go after poor drainage is the amount of money and time it could waste. You’ve already spent the hours making your landscape look how you want, with all the proper trees, flowers, and shrubs, and you’re really proud of your hard work. That can all be taken away just by some puddling water. Don’t let that happen to you, if you notice puddling, do something!

What Can You Do?

Issues involving how your landscape is draining are often best left to professionals. You’ll want to either get a proper system set up within your existing landscape or do a complete redesign. Either way, you’ll need things like French drains, downspouts, or even basement waterproofing.

Landscape Design from Rhine Landscaping

We’ve got an extensive background in landscaping, so that you can feel assured your lawn will be taken care of correctly, no matter what. Our landscaping experts will help to make your landscaping dreams a reality, and your property the talk of the town.

Landscapes are complicated to design and implement. If you’re ready to call for help, then you can contact Rhine Landscaping by giving us a call at 410-442-2445. We’ve got the knowledge your landscape needs to get it ready for summer.

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