Landscape Ideas for Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Landscaping Design Ideas

Rhine Landscaping Swimming Pool Builder_0001A swimming pool is a significant investment that requires a lot of planning, particularly with the design plan.  The most important element of the entire design and build phase is actually a correct, functional, proper design.  Our in-house design architects ensure all of the details, not just with a swimming pool, but all of the accompanying elements, from walking flow, transitions of spaces, landscaping, drainage, and so much more.  Here are some ideas for when you’re ready to build your Howard County Swimming Pool.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas

1. Shape: You want to be different. You want your pool to stand out and be the centerpiece of your landscape. Do you want a freeform design or a rectangular shape?  Maybe a split-design swimming pool? If you have a unique design in mind, call Rhine Landscaping.

2. Paving: A swimming pool is nothing without a place to lounge, sit, and entertain.  A hardscape patio and pool deck is what completes the outdoor living space.

3. Landscaping: Besides taking the existing landscape into account when designing your new swimming pool, it is also important to consider new landscaping aspects, including softscape and hardscape.

4. Water Features: These features – including waterfalls, fountains, and more – are excellent addition, providing a dramatic effect to your pool.

5. Stone Features: Nothing says elegance like a well-planned stone feature, whether it is a retaining wall or multi-tier stone decking.

6. Pool Lighting: You can transform any pool from ordinary to extraordinary with the addition of the right pool lighting.

Rhine Landscaping can help you rebuild, or rehab your existing pool or design and build a new one. Our pool designs can include water features such as waterfalls, hot tubs and even waterslides. Our landscape designers listen to the clients’ needs, look at the overall architecture of your home, existing hardscape elements and landscaping, proper drainage systems and the surrounding environment when creating a design. Rhine Landscaping can also assist you with enhancing your swimming pool area with additional walkways, patios, hardscape elements, water features and much more!

If you have any additional questions about Swimming Pool Design, contact Rhine Landscaping by calling 410-442-2445 or click here today!


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