Presenting your home on the market for potential homebuyers isn’t all that different from presenting yourself to a potential employer.  If you walk into your first interview for a high-profile company donning dirt-stained gardening jeans and worn sandals, it’s safe to say you’re not going to land the job.  The same goes for your house: if you don’t dress it up on the outside, chances are not many people will want to make it their new place of residence.

Landscaping your yard can increase your home’s resale value and generally provides a 100-200% increase on your initial investment. Compare that with the return on investment for bathroom remodels: only 75%

Surrounding your property with trees has been proven to cut down on utility costs by naturally cooling the area around your home.  This guarantees that air conditioning and utility bills will be lowered.  Proof of this savings can be used to entice buyers, providing potential homeowners with an additional perk that will come along with their purchase, and assisting in selling your house more swiftly.

As an added bonus, thoughtful landscaping has the ability to improve home security: thorny plants and bushes have been thought to deter even the most determined burglars.  On top of that safety, insurance companies have also proven likely to pay replacement costs for trees struck by lightning because of the widely recognized value of landscaping.

For quick sales, Rhine Landscaping recommends introducing color and texture into your yard.  If you’re not looking to sell anytime too soon but want to reap the benefits of long-term payoff, trees and shrubs that will gradually grow over time are a good choice.  Whatever you decide, the experts at Rhine Landscaping can provide you with a custom design to make your house a one-of-a-kind commodity.

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