4 Easy Ways to Prevent Weeds

Weeds are seemingly everywhere, especially at the start of the season. Some homeowners go the DIY route, while others prefer to hire a professional lawn care or landscaping company.

If you’ve gone the DIY route and don’t use a professional lawn care company, you may be wondering how the pros keep weeds from constantly appearing. Weeds not only threaten to kill your existing plant life, but they can so quickly make a beautiful landscape look a mess. Our Team at Rhine Landscaping is sharing some easy tips at caring for your lawn to keep it beautiful all year long!

Weed free Landscaping in Howard County MD

Cultivating the Soil

If you frequently redistribute your garden’s soil, it’ll actually prevent weeds from growing. It may seem tedious to move soil around, but it’ll benefit the growth of your plants in the long run. Give it a try!

Pulling Weeds

We know, we know, pulling weeds is tedious and annoying. The fact is, it works. Manually pulling out weeds is the easiest way to remove unwanted garden weeds,. Be sure to get down to the roots and be careful of any thorns or other natural defenses some weeds present.

Using Mulch

This spring is a great time to redesign your garden. While you’re at it, put down a nice bag of mulch. Not only will it cultivate your plant life, it’ll also impede weeds from growing quickly. Throwing down mulch is a lot of hard work but it’ll bring a freshness to your garden that you’ve never seen before!

Using Plastic

If you’re at your wit’s end, you may want to try using plastic. Just cut holes where you want your actual plants to grow. The plastic will keep weeds from sprouting up and ruining your beautiful garden.


This may be a last ditch effort for some people. Herbicides can be used to control weed growth, but be sure you pick one out that’s safe for your garden.


Professional Landscape Design for Your Home

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