basement waterproofing in Maryland

Winter is unpredictable and the severe weather of snow, ice storms and heavy rain are unpredictable. To prepare your home for such weather problems, it is a good idea to basement waterproof your home. One of the best times to basement waterproof is right before the first snow fall of winter or ice storm. A basement waterproof contractor will examine your basement for cracks in the foundation and other major foundation issues. If you do not address basement waterproofing before the heart of winter, you will find yourself standing in basement water. Some problems which result from basement water are water stains, mold/ mildew, musty odors, wood rot, and high energy bills.

Some of the most effective basement waterproofing solutions are installing quality gutters and the downspout because the gutters and the downspout will move the water away from your home foundation. You may also want to consider installing an exterior drainage system and interior drainage channel. With the exterior drainage system,  you will need to install it entirely around your home, with free draining sand and drain tile. The drain must attach to the sump pump. As for the interior drainage channel, it requires installation at the wall base and slab floor of your basement. The interior drain will keep the water from collecting inside by draining water to the sum pump.

By waterproofing your basement, you will prevent your home from losing living space and experiencing mold and mildew problems. Only by waterproofing the basement will you have the peace of mind your basement will remain dry for the winter and years to come. Rhine Landscape is here to keep your basement from flooding this winter, no matter if heavy snow or rain come, you can count on Rhine Landscaping. Learn about our basement waterproofing services today to prevent a wet basement.

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