When it comes to creating an outdoor space, there are many options.  A patio offers the ability to have not only a beautiful extension to your home, but a great entertaining opportunity for your family and friends.  Typically, a patio is located between a house and a garden and made from a variety of products such as concrete, brick, stone, gravel, pavers, flagstone, and more.  A patio can be more expensive than a deck or porch, but the flexibility of a well-built patio, and it’s return on investment, is far higher.

patio installation Maryland

In order to determine the ideal patio location in your backyard, ask yourself the following questions:

• What part of your property has enough space to accommodate a patio from a dimensional standpoint?

• Do you want your patio to be in full sun, full shade, or have areas of both? • Will the patio be used for cooking and how accessible is it for such a need?

• Will it include amenities such as a fireplace or fire pit?

• Do you want it to be a centrally located hub or your yard or a peripheral element of your landscape?

Answering these questions is the first step in achieving an aesthetic and functional design that will increase the square footage of your home by expanding your living areas into your outdoor space. You can work with a hardscaping professional to help you attain a patio that suits your existing landscape in addition to your personal needs.

Rhine Landscaping in Baltimore, Maryland has installed countless custom patio designs – from simple walkways and patios to very elaborate terraced multi-level patio systems. Our Landscape Designers will work with you to determine the correct walk flow for your walkway.

Multi-level patio spaces can bring added dimension and foster comfortable living spaces. Additional hardscape features like water features, waterfalls, firepits, and outdoor kitchen spaces can be incorporated into your patio in order to increase functionality and add extra interest. With a broad range of materials available and a desire to create welcoming and functional spaces, Rhine Landscaping will build a specialized patio to meet your needs.

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