water your landscape

With the right attention and care, anyone can maintain a vibrant landscape in the summer!

The single most important aspect of landscape care is water. Knowing when and how much to water your landscape will largely decide whether it flourishes beautifully or fails to impress. In fact, a lot of time, money, frustration, and disappointment can be saved or avoided almost entirely with some strategic watering. Here are some tips on how to watch and water your landscape to keep it healthy and beautiful.  

Take The Time To Regularly Visit Your Plants

Get to know your plants and landscape. Some areas are high and hot, others are low and wet, some are well shaded, and others are exposed to the hot sun. Each space and the plants within will have different watering needs, but you can’t possibly know this if you don’t take them time to get to know your landscape.

Touch The Soil Of Your Landscape

Engage all of your senses to get to know your landscape. Make sure you know what kind of soil you have, so you can water it appropriately. If you see a wilting plant, scratching at the soil at the base of the plant will be enough to tell you whether it has been over or under watered.

Watch The Water You Use

It is as important not to overwater as it is not to under water your plants. Both can contribute to unhealthy and unhappy plants and drab landscaping. In fact, run off from unmonitored and clumsy watering is a major source of pollution. If you take regular trips to your garden to check on it, you will know whether less or more water is required.

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