Both the equipment that you have to prune and the technique that you use can affect the way that your garden shapes up. This article on “TLC Home” details some of the steps you can take to make your pruning a breeze.


All of your tools should be sharp and fairly up to date to make pruning easy. Sharp blades and sturdy handles can make a world of difference when it comes to pruning your garden. Dull blades that can be rusty and sticky can make work difficult for the gardener and also can injure the plants. For stems under a ½ inch in diameter you should look for scissor-type blades. These make sharp clean cuts for your pruning. Long-handled pruning shears with larger blades are called loppers. They are for cutting thicker stems of up to about 1.5 inches in diameter.


Now for the pruning techniques, you should renew your flowering shrubs by trimming 1/3 of the stems each year. This keeps the shrubs young and rejuvenated. You can revitalize old and weak shrubs by cutting them to the ground. This can create the start of a new shrub and works best with hearty shrubs like lilacs and common boxwoods.


Your choice in equipment, the state of your equipment and your pruning technique are all key in maintaining a healthy garden. For any landscaping or gardening help contact Rhine Landscaping at 410-442-2445 or here!